<![CDATA[Body Awareness Coaching - Blog]]>Thu, 20 Jan 2022 23:54:04 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Beginning Again and Again]]>Sat, 22 Feb 2020 01:46:26 GMThttp://jasontorreshancock.com/blog/beginning-again-and-again2020 started with a surprise, this website went down. I was going to send a friend, whom I had not heard from in years, who sent me a Happy New Year's text a visual of my professional endeavors with this website, and all that appeared was an index page. I was alarmed, but not totally surprised. A new year, a new chance for change. 

After dealing with the web host for a few weeks, I finally discovered the error of a support staff member and realized I had to start all over again. Here we have the revised edition for 2020. Life is ever evolving. (This post may sound very calm about all the change, however, let it not fool you to the many vocal exclamations I made in the process-although centering myself during phone calls to speak directly, but with consideration.)

2020 is also offering me two workshop series for my physical practice. Last year I danced Tango in a play at Shotgun Players in Berkeley which whet my appetite for more experience. Tango is a new form for me and I am happy I am participating in a seven week series to continue opening up to this dance and to practicing Beginner's Mind again. 

I also started a First Year training course in Shadow Yoga. I have been exposed to some basic practices of Shadow Yoga from my yoga teacher with whom I've practiced with since 2005. Shadow Yoga is offering me a new way to structure my commitment to daily practice and progressive integration. I am also enjoying connecting my Somatic practices to supporting my Shadow Yoga investigation and allowing all the forms to speak to each other...sometimes literally through my vocal expressions in the release of tired muscles or releasing tensions in the deepening process. Grateful to the new gifts for the new year and decade!